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By moverley, May 13 2016 09:12PM


May 13 2016 09:28PM by moverley

Class 3 at Mátészalka Elementary School, North East Hungary, May 2016. We use Quizlet, a projector, whiteboards, chalkboard ; work on writing, reading, orthography, art and student initiated learning. The children arrange the room, control the computer, communicate their needs to each other. The teacher must guide, monitor, pace and move the proceedings forward, giving individual attention to all who are not instinctive learners.

May 13 2016 09:31PM by moverley

This post, and the links given in my Resumé, bring the website up to date. All that has happened has its place; but things are done quite differently four years on...

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It was the first time I

had ever told anyone the exact truth, so far as I understood it, and it did me no end of good, for it straightened out the thing in my own mind.

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